Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Celebrating Diversity (of eggs); one delicious breakfast at a time!

Diversity of egg colors and sizes
Walking down the egg isle in the grocery store would lead one to believe that there are four kinds of eggs in this world: large white, extra-large white, large brown, and extra large brown - when that is anything but the reality outside the grocery store and likely the city limits. 

My layer flock was expanded this last week with the addition of 2 bantum frizzle layer chickens and a whole bunch of quail. It appears they have finally settled in, as yesterday they laid their first eggs! 

Eggs are an important staple of my breakfast, providing me with a whole foods source of high quality protein and nutrient-rich fat. Now a beautiful color and size spectrum sits waiting on my egg trough by the stove, tempting my imaginative mind to dream up new recipes and plate presentations to showcase these delicious wonders. 

I am delighted by the diversity of nature. Growing and raising my own food is goal I will continue to nurture and pursue. I also enjoy my (at least) monthly trip to the Pearl Brewery Farmer's Market in downtown San Antonio where I am reminded that carrots come in many shapes and sizes and that there are more varieties of greens than just iceberg and romaine lettuce. 

Anything to keep me out of the depressing grocery isles of west San Antonio. Anything. 

Quail Egg
Bantum Egg
Regular Egg
Note the deep orange yolk, this
chicken has been free-range
for the last year.

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  1. Once Adam and I buy a place of our own WE ARE GETTING CHICKENS. We have eaten back yard chicken eggs and now that we know the difference, we can't go back. Except we have to, because we can't raise chickens in a rental. Or at least, this rental.

    I cannot wait to talk to chicken with you!